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                          上海標日泵閥制造有限公司位于美麗的都市上海青浦開發區,專業從事各類水泵、閥門生產yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页,品種多,規格全,是集生產、科研、 開發、銷售服務于一體的現代化水泵、閥門企業。企業已通過ISO9001-2000國際質量管理體系認證,多年的行業積累,公司形成了通用水泵系列、磁力泵系列、液下泵系列、自吸泵系列、通用閥門系列、蝶閥系列、閘閥系列yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页、止回閥系列等多種系列泵閥上千余種規格。產品廣泛應用于石油、化工、冶金、電力、化肥、制藥yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页、食品、城建、污水處理和環保等各個行業。

                          自創建以來承蒙各科研單位和用戶的大力支持,已發展成為國內專產水泵、高中壓閥門的骨干企業yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页,公司有自己獨有品牌 “標日牌”,F擁有一支高素質的現代化科技隊伍,具有一流的管理水平,先進的生產工藝與完善的檢測設備。近年來為了滿足市場需要,又引進美標閥門,產品均按美標ANSI、API設計制造yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页,按美標API598測試驗收,該產品投放市場后,解決了進口設備的配套與維修,深受廣大用戶歡迎和好評yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页。本公司在激烈市場競爭中yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页yaboAPP手机客户端_登录首页,以質量取勝,享受較高的榮譽。



                          Shanghai Biaori Pump&Valve Manufacture Co., LTD is located in the beautiful city of Shanghai qingpu zone, the specialty is engaged in the production of various pumps, valves, variety and complete in specification, is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales and service, which integrates modern water pump, valve enterprise. Enterprise has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification,Years of industry accumulation, the company formed general pump series, magnetic pump series, submerged pump series, self-suction pump series, the common valve series, butterfly valves, check valves, etc. Series pump series of of all kinds. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and urban construction, sewage treatment, etc.

                          Since the inception of the scientific research units and courtesy of user support, already developed become domestic produced exclusively high-medium pressure valves, pumps, the backbone enterprises, the company has its own brand ", "brand marking. Now has a high quality team of modern science and technology, first-class management level, advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of the market and introducing American standard valve, the products according to the ANSI, API standard design and manufacturing, according to the American API598 acceptance testing, the products on the market, solved the supporting and maintenance of imported equipment, and welcomed by customers. This company in the fierce competition in the market, win by quality, enjoy good reputation.

                          Companies always rely on innovation, with advanced technology, modern management, superior product, excellent service and good reputation and customers. With the orientation of market, providing the numerous users with ideal and satisfactory service are both the eternal pursuit of the standard, but all the more the sincere promise to the numerous users!

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